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Melvin Mayard
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'Everyone is an Entrepreneur'

Teaching, Helping, Encouraging, supporting Entrepreneurs of the Future.

What is entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship can be defined as the act of seeing a vision, planning, organising, and to manage your own business. Whilst realising the tremendous hard work it will take to complete the many micro tasks and eventually invest heavily to promote the business and move valuable products and services in the marketplace for profit.  

The statement is easy to make, however, the manifestation of the entire process is complex, requiring hundreds of planning hours. Follow by hundreds of hours to organise everything. Even then, it’s not finished because not everything comes in sequence. Sometimes it’s simultaneously with hundreds of other tasks demanding every effort and commitment from the person to bloom into success.

To have your own business is a good desire as everyone has an entrepreneur inside them needing to come out. The right time and moment are when a passion burns inside to play a role in resolve problems that existing with products and opportunity to cash in on the efforts.

More than that, entrepreneurship is inventing or innovate new ideas that can help improve local community, society at large and eventually progressing to affect the national economy positively and globally market.


Being an entrepreneur comes with the responsibility of leadership and management of the venture. Most people dream of the wonderful destination of the journey by imagining themselves swimming on a bed full of money or having a drink in the hand whilst cruising on a yacht or sitting on a sunny beach listening to the waves. Ok, I didn’t say you should imagine all of that. It’s time to snap out of the dream…snapping my fingers …click, click! Focus on what I’m saying.
Accountability is nothing more than a word. It is painful, discouraging, hard, stressful, long hours, tiring. Do you get the truthful image of the journey? Yes, no pain, no gain, enduring the pain for as long as required to finish the work. Asking hundreds of questions until you’re bored with asking. Take a risk on you first, before expecting anyone else to take a risk on you. Plan to learn something new every day, absorb knowledge like a sponge. Then sort out the information that is useful and let us not forget, make all the sacrifices necessary to achieve your vision and dreams.

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Vision & Mission

Our Vision 

‘To teach entrepreneurs of the future’. To organise ‘Entrepreneur Education’ by making it (S.E.A);

Simple to understand, 

Easy to enjoy,

Accessible to everyone, by everyone.       

Our Mission 

To design processes, use systems to gain competitive advantage and develop a culture of entrepreneurial mindset.