Melvin Mayard

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Steps to start in business

It is time to put your desires into practice. Often, we hear the need for passion, well yes, eat it for breakfast if you can because you will need it to fuel your whole being.
The First thing you need is to buy and use a big diary, then;

1. Write as many of your goals down.
2. Choose your top 3 preferences.
3. Set a goal for each and visualise the end.
4. See which one you have a clear image of the ultimate vision.
5. Choose the vision that is the most ‘specific’ and clear as the primary goal and park the rest for now.
6. Write a plan of how you think you will achieve it, ‘measurable’.
7. Plan in your diary the different objectives over the months, be ‘realistic’.
8. As you work along, prepare to change the plan.
9. Notice using the diary, the element of ‘time’ for your daily tasks is automatically set.
10. Start taking action on the planned tasks.
11. Remember to keep learning, add new objectives to the plan.
12. Understand your action plan will increase faster than you can complete the tasks.
13. Seek to recruit talents, to make it ‘achievable’.
14. The business will take shape after completing dozens of minor or micro tasks.
15. Keep pressing forward.
This is a general outline. Starting a business is more complex than the beginning. Take a few steps at a time. If you can’t get through the first 15 steps, try again.