Entrepreneurial Education

Entrepreneur Education

Entrepreneur Education is a private organised learning process based on the concept that everyone is an entrepreneur.  However, no one is qualified by mere self testament; there is a need for education and action. Organised learning is a necessity, is made suitable for any person, and raises standard and demand capability, encouraging sustainable competitive advantage in the future.

Education must be organised so the learner can effectively comprehend and benefit from it. Entrepreneur education is a learning process organised to share a transparent vision that gives the entrepreneur a clear sense of direction and serves as a motivating force to achieve individual goals.

The Entrepreneur Education process consists of several series of FREE Webinar videos followed by several paid webinars. In brief are the following,
1. Entrepreneurs P.D.T webinars series
2. Property Entrepreneurs webinar series
3. Business Entrepreneurs Webinars series
4. Mature (50+) Entrepreneurs webinar series
5. Religious Business webinar series (only for those who have a religious belief)

Entrepreneurial vision

Today everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, to become wealthy with the world intelligence of information and data, with no avail of truth. Strategic chaos, highly opinionated, unplanned for disasters with the over bearing of entrepreneur intelligence, forever feeding platforms like a virus into a bottomless pit of demand with no clear strategic benefit to entrepreneurial goals and business vision. Disguised in thoughts as legitimate entrepreneurs, addicted to gathering and hording information for dreams and goals in the uncertain world facing a rocky future with global catastrophise starting with Corona Virus in 2019 and the global economic shut down in early 2020, who knows what’s next? Entrepreneurs dreaming of successful relationship with wealth, without real structural thinking, clarity of organising to aid informed decision-making. 

Entrepreneur-Education for all

Everyone seems to be a leading topic expert from academia, their own persona and more often without any attachments to a single organisation. Seeing the need for a true contribution in organising Entrepreneur-Education, making sense of the howling subject of entrepreneurship, giving insight to world-class knowledge for all and not the exceptional few. Entrepreneurs at every stage of life could look at a given point and relate to entrepreneurial needs for development and equally for business development. Entrepreneur Education sets out a clear vision and direction for everyone to make a start, sharing expertise, network with other members alike, create a sense of partners within the global community, now a growing expectation on Social Media behaviour to reach mass audiences.

The Philosophy

What is an entrepreneur? An online search engine would deliver over 80 million results, each offering a different direction and equal chaos. Everybody want to be an entrepreneur, despite having the potential within, the potential must be drawn from within. What does it take to become an entrepreneur? Knowledge, skills and behaviour are the basic building blocks.
Most want to skip the expert knowledge, skip the work to gain skills and even disregards the needs for a discipline behaviour and just dream and expect the results. How absurd!

Who is an Entrepreneur?

Well my easy and the world most accurate answer to the question is to quote all the positive action words in the dictionary from A-Z, from Act to zeal in relation to the entrepreneur. Each word would provide a descriptive act relating to the need of an entrepreneur mindset, discipline and behavioural needs.
By common definition; ‘a person with insight, starting in business opportunity despite the risk to make a profit’.
Unfortunately, the later formula is only for the few and exception, where many would risk everything weather planned and many unplanned, heading for disastrous entrepreneur pitfall. Intelligence should differ the probability of the few who succeed, this is not a duplicating formula for the majority. Yet forever seeking the success feeding on the hope, uneducated entrepreneurs blinded to the extreme risk, gluten with greed, head for the entrepreneur pitfall could be found in all industries. The revolution of ideals needs a formula that works for all wannabe entrepreneurs not the lucky few. Unrecorded and inaccurately re-told story of a lengthy journey, sounding like academic record to credit their success, yet adding confusion to the millions who follow blindly because of success fever, perhaps for greed, maybe for the power or whatever the reason, most are misled on a journey like a river flowing into an entrepreneur pit filled with singular unique success.
Sadly, academia (with millions of philosophical experts) have not provided a clear vision and pathways for Entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams of becoming successful. Thus, deep inside entrepreneurs seek know they have not a formula proven and trustable, every entrepreneur embarked on the journey comparing only to that of fighting for survival to conquer the top of mount Everest.

Melvin Mayard webinar training clarifies the meaning and different stages of entrepreneurship. All are able to identify there where about on the journey, plan and set goals. Increasing the chance of success in personal development and business development.
This revolutionise idea and insight, aim to progress the overall majority to succeed, conditional to enduring with the law of nature.

Entrepreneurship is for all

Time to wake up and face reality, Entrepreneurship is for all, not the few. Multitudes of training program making every kind of promises for entrepreneurial success and yet would not! Why not? Because they don’t know and unable to see the pattern of entrepreneurship.

Everyone is an entrepreneur philosophy

With a strong believe in developing and creating Entrepreneurs and to sustain their progression. The future of all businesses would heavily be dependent on the attitude and creativity of entrepreneurs.  The time is already here where it is no longer about what a job can offer, as computers and technologies increase, jobs will be replaced and retain a permanent loss to the job market.  Wannabe entrepreneurs would need to look more closely to the future and implement the necessary mindset of a positive attitude and accept the reality to re-invent themselves.  Gone are the days of job security, peace of mind and comforts based on an organization’s perks and handouts. The call for and the demand for the rise of entrepreneurs is now.
Everyone has the right and privilege to think as themselves as an entrepreneur, with the right help and direction to be crowned with a sheath of success, claiming victory. Come, get started on the journey with the FREE webinar at www.AvoidThePropertyPitfall.co.uk to learn principles for entrepreneurial and businesses development .
The webinars would address the two functions of Personal Development knowledge, Business development knowledge and skills required. Opportunities to practice, be motivated towards entrepreneurial goals. We are created to be successful, be it.

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