Melvin Mayard

Entrepreneur career

Entrepreneur Career 

The following applies to those who want or feel the need to become an entrepreneur. We wish to stress this point; to survive the future, a person would need training to possess or equipped with the entrepreneurial traits or characteristics found on

We aim to offer entrepreneurship rather than a job, as the world needs entrepreneurs to find creative solutions more than fulfilling an automated paid task. It would be our pleasure to invite entrepreneurs of different calibre to join us in achieving their goals, to impress and impact the local communities and the world. We seek to collaborate with entrepreneurs and to invest in worthy ideas, to take it to the open world, offering the product/ service to gain an excellent reward.

We define a True Entrepreneur as a person who invests in their personal development (mindset and skills) for no immediate gain until the project is marketable to generate sales or serve a market.

We also understand that not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur and may not understand what it means. So, we would consider filling some of our needs with a ‘contract of service’ but not a job. We wish to stress the following; all applicants need to understand the entrepreneurial traits and characteristics without exception, then we would provide further training and guidance.