Melvin Mayard

Business Entrepreneur

Passionate in Entrepreneurship for the future with numerous students undergoing training on business growth and entrepreneuship trainings


Melvin was born in Mauritius and moved to London, England at the age of 12.  Schooled at Stockwell Manor School, Stockwell Park School in Stockwell, South London.  He later attended Hammersmith & West London College, got his first job at the world’s biggest fast-food chain at the age of 16 years old which he worked at for 10 years in central London. It was here that he started developing a strong passion for training and his own personal development, yet unrealised at the time.  He bought his first property in Thornton Heath, Croydon in 1996.

Working himself to the bone, treated the business organisation as his own, becoming a perfectionist within the business operations.  Often working 4-8 hours of unpaid overtime per day on a regular basis.  He decided to leave and joined the UK retail giant at the time, at this time he began to realise his passion for training and developing a strong work ethic.  After spending nearly two decades as a manager he decided to pursue a study in management at Croydon College (  Eventually, he progressed on to obtaining a Master’s in Business Administration with the ‘University of Liverpool’. Thereafter returning to retail during the 2009 recession and also made the decision to become a Landlord.

Being a strong believer of discipline, gone through a divorce, believing his future was to change career and move out of London.  He had already begun his research study of the property industry and market, whilst in the process he found an organisation; NLA providing landlords training.  Ready to move to the City of Liverpool ( with the decision to continue as a Landlord. However, when starting out in Liverpool he changed strategy and traded properties in the first couple of years, at the beginning of 2019, registering the company; Prime Life Enterprise Ltd.

At the end of 2019, after viewing over a hundred houses, saddened by others disastrous property projects and concern for the abuse of property training sharks within the property industry.  He vowed to help others to ‘avoid the property pitfall’, deciding it was time to use his knowledge, training skills and teaching passion to add great value in the property market.  He planned to start a low-cost Property training and then Covid-19 changed his plan, so he decided to do a free ‘online business series’ including property series to motivate and help others to succeed.


The company vision is driven by passion for personal development. The vision statement is correct, it implies for an entrepreneur, the future is now, with the phrase ‘of the future’.

The company Mission has evolved around love for leadership and passion for the management of business administration.

Passionate for entrepreneurs and their development, organising certain knowledge to bring clarity and ease of understanding the application unto wisdom.  His laws of entrepreneurs to list a few; 

1.Everone is an entrepreneur  

2.Entrepreneurs do not criticise another 

3.Entrepreneur do not abdicate their responsibilities Etc. 

Life has rules, Entrepreneurialism is no exception, those seeking to succeed in life, must learn to follow the rule of success.  Proceeds beyond some basic principles is the state of the mindset and spirituality.  Understanding the importance of Personal development, he developed the concept of the ‘Two entities’; the person and the business.         

From the business entity, quoting from his book ‘Entrepreneurs  In One Year’; Taking from the introduction; this would help many property entrepreneurs to ‘Avoid The Property Pitfall’;  Learn to take advice, be ready to implement the best possible practice, learn from others mistakes to improve your own decisions to take calculated risks.  Minimise the waste or loss, protect and progress for profit.  Any business that does not make a profit asap will find it hard to survive, thus closure of the venture is closer than expected.  This is not because of the unexpected, but the deliberate unlearned path of safety. Ignorance is no excuse.

Extract from ‘Extra time’ chapter  

Many entrepreneurs have the notion that if they copy everything that someone else has done, they would become successful like them.  Possibly, but that is a very small probability because everyone is unique and far from the same. We are different in;

  • Education
  • Learning ability
  • Learning preferences
  • Environments
  • Desires
  • Characteristics
  • Experience
  • Our definition of success
  • Standard
  • Mission and Goals And so on.

I don’t need to expand on the above for the sake of writing; I’m sure you have an idea and understand where I’m going with this.  We learn collectively yet in different ways. Nevertheless, we must be specific with our goals, so it could be actioned.  Take time to transfer the ideas from your mind unto paper, to fulfil your unique desires and passion.