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Dental Bookkeeping

Our flexible bookkeeping solution can be tailored to the specific needs of your practice. For Dentists or Dental Office Personnel who want to increase their precision and skill with accounting for the practice, or accountants or bookeepers specializing in dental office accounting. Stays connected to QuickBooks Online to calculate practice overhead percentages as your dental practice bookkeeping is updated. Built for beginners, learn how to do dental practice bookkeeping right for a dental practice with an online course. Here is a very important step often skipped by inexperienced bookkeepers. When I say formally, I mean going to the gear icon in QuickBooks Online and clicking the “Reconcile” feature under the tools menu.

If you need us to order banking supplies, we can help with checks, deposit slips, endorsement stamps and more. Whether intentional or not, fraud is a real problem in the dental industry. Without safeguards in place, you could be putting your practice at risk. We check and balance Day Sheets on a timely basis to help guard against any fraud or mishandling.

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QuickBooks is easy to learn, and you don’t need to have any prior accounting experience to make it work for you. EAssist’s platform is proud to host knowledgeable and dedicated accounting experts on our platform who provide the expertise and help you reach the financial goals for your dental practice. Even though dentistry is your focus, running a dental practice comes with extra responsibilities that take time away from patient care. One of the biggest and most important of those responsibilities is bookkeeping.

We continue to grow and advance our services to meet your needs. With years of training and expertise, we know how to help your practice achieve greatness. If you’re not ready to get more freedom with our bookkeeping service, you can still take steps to improving your practice for free by subscribing to our blog. Build your knowledge of the numbers with our weekly blog posts.

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This type of consistent scaling is every practice owner’s dream. In the world of QuickBooks Online (QBO) and other products that make financial data entry much easier, this may not be a deciding factor for you. On the other hand, most dentists take comfort in knowing they have hired someone who does dental bookkeeping every day to handle their information.

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Margaret Tait Westrup – Obituary – – Cranbrook Daily Townsman.

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This is key in helping you maximize your productivity and avoid expensive mistakes. Even if you decide to outsource your bookkeeping, you’ll still need to review the financial reports regularly and avoid mixing personal and business transactions. This will help you stay on top of the company’s financial status and limit mix-ups in the accounting process. There are several reasons why dentists and oral surgeons decide to outsource their bookkeeping to a dental accountant instead of keeping it in-house.

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Aside from that, we provide tremendous value with our industry knowledge. Stop spending time researching how to depreciate your equipment, how to keep record of your income, and what receipts you need to keep. Let us guide you through your requirements so you can focus on running your business.

Looked at another way; we are dental accountants who happen to do dental bookkeeping. Seychelle is a Maryland-based personal finance writer and business owner. She’s passionate about helping others out of financial pitfalls she’s already dug herself out of.

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Our dental bookkeeping specialists have been working in the dental industry for a number years. Nothing will cripple the growth of your dental practice faster than having cash flow trouble. Dental Bookkeeping is a specialized company focused in bookkeeping for general and specialty practices in the dental industry. Keeping track of your business expenses and profits can be difficult. You likely have many receipts, invoices, and other documents that you need to organize. And, if you are not familiar with accounting, trying to know how to do all the transactions and calculations can be confusing.

We understand the desire to be more hands on with your financial information. We provide expert oversight of your bookkeeping to help you along the way. We provide QuickBooks and bookkeeping training and expert supervision.

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However, we here at Dental Bookkeeping will compile and organize this information each month to keep it as stress-free as possible, allowing you to make better decisions for your practice. We understand the business mechanics that make a practice profitable. We take care of the accounting compliance headache and offer dental business advisory in the form of one-on-one meetings and webinars so you can focus on running your practice more efficiently. A Generalist doesn’t understand the profit levers of a dental practice like we do. Your dental accountant uses software like QuickBooks or Xero to track business data and create financial reports, so there are no convoluted spreadsheets to manage or complex math problems to solve. Doeren Mayhew CPAs and advisors is a certified public accounting firm serving businesses nationwide from offices in Florida, Michigan, North Carolina and Texas.